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Obama’s forceful, energetic and seemingly irrational defense and support of Islam and Muslims even after numerous islamic terrorists attacks, has forever cemented his reputation as a sympathizer of that religion and it’s followers, even if they are corrupt followers. This reputation has resulted in the majority having little or no confidence in Obama’s pursuit of a real solution to eliminate ISIS and other islamic terrorists. The argument that he got Bin Laden no longer helps Obama because many more and worse enemies have taken Bin Laden’s place. Additionally, Bin Laden was already ineffective as an islamic terrorist by the time he was killed. Lately there has been much argument about who doctored the military assessments of Islamic terrorist groups. The reality is that in an administration, everyone follows the leader because their jobs depend on it. Obama doesn’t have to say anything for staff and bureaucrats to follow his lead. Obama doesn’t have to write a policy or send a directive. People in his administration will simply follow his lead by listening to how he answers reporters questions, watching his gestures, observing his body language, learning from how he deals with certain staff on certain issues. There are many ways for Obama to quietly communicate his wants and desires to everyone that is under his command. Very few brave ones will resign rather than follow his path. But the majority have families and responsibilities and few options so they stay and support his agenda even while the country suffers. Just as the death of a soldier in the field is an acceptable loss to a general during war, the death of a US civilian is an acceptable loss to Obama during his war to convert America into another medicare country, with mediocre people living mediocre lives. Why? Because, since other countries were never able to catch up to America’s exceptionalism, Obama wants America to step down and become mediocre like other countries.  

The Pendulum

It is true that Trump holds rather extreme positions. It is also true, however, that his message sells well today because of the extreme positions of the past by politicians, media and academics. As an immigrant I have witnessed with amazement over the past 20 years the constant bashing of white Americans in the USA in everything from commercials, movies, political speeches, school lectures, etc. Actually I am stunned that it has taken this long for white Americans to finally stand up and say “ENOUGH”. While I can understand That some people in America are upset, myself included, about actions taken by past US administrations in our home country, it is foolish to want the utter destruction of America as “payback”. It is only common sense to expect that the further Obama swings the pendulum into anti US policies, the more pro American we can expect Trump and his followers to become in their rhetoric. The good news, however, is that their rhetoric will translate into effective pro American policies once Trump wins the presidency.  It is, after all, the job of the president to seek the best for his or her people, not to punish them for the deeds of past administrations or policies.

Sell or bust!

No matter how great your idea, plan, policy, legislation or similar, it will not be accepted and certainly won’t be put into effect if you don’t know how to sell it to your target audience. The world we live and work in is not run by the best ideas out there, it’s run by the ideas sold by the best sales people out there.